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show notes

I've decided I'm going to add a "show notes" section to this site, the idea being they're the notes to go alongside my life. While they're unlikely to be particularly interesting to anyone other than myself, sharing is caring so here we are.


I tend to read multiple things at the same time (not actually at the same time though, that would be silly). I've been slogging through Augustine's Confessions for a while now, and it's taking a long time because it's so dreary! Essentially all it is is Augustine talking about how bad he is and how great God is, and it really doesn't make for a fascinating read. This isn't to say that none of it's interesting - there are some funny bits, although I don't think they're intentional (the classic pear scene comes to mind) and it's because of these parts that I'm continuing to read it.

I'm also continuing through Pride and Prejudice, which I think is a much better book, but I've been taking a long time on it because the language barrier makes it harder to read in short bursts, so I have to invest more time in it. Jane Austen is very clever, there's a lot of making fun of the world and it makes me very happy.

I've also started seriously going through Kernighan and Ritchie. I know it's an old book with outdated practices, yada yada, but it's as good a start as any and well written. I'm not sure how to structure the exercise directories yet, so currently it's a bit of a mess; I'm hoping to come up with something soon, probably by copying other people's published solutions.


Two vastly different films have both made it into my top ten ever - Christopher Nolan's The Prestige is a masterpiece about two Victorian magicians fighting to become the best, and in typical Nolan style completely ridicules the idea that time is linear.

Emma, based on the Jane Austen novel, is another comedy-slash-social-commentary, and was made with likely a significantly lower budget. There are some discrepancies in the editing style, I find, but aside from that it's a great film adaptation, right up there with Clueless.


The Grease soundtrack is pretty great, although I don't like the story itself that much. My current system isn't set up for listening to songs in an order, so I've been dealing with it out of order which is actually quite fun.

At the recommendation of a friend, I've been listening to the Sisters of Mercy who are ridiculously 80s. My personal verdict is that they'd be better without the singing - I love the instrumental backing but the vocals ruin it for me.


Once again, I'm having doubts as to whether to stick with Emacs or migrate to Vi/m. I know that I'll end up coming back home whatever happens so bothering to make the change seems a bit of a waste, but there are still some things I don't like about Emacs.

I've been playing a lot of Friends of Mineral Town recently, and it's just as great a game as it always has been. The battery life on my GBA continues to impress me - I'm able to chuck it in my bag for about a week before having to recharge, which is a testament to non-internet connectivity and cold poweroffs.

My music workflow is something that I've been trying to streamline, however none of the current offerings do exactly what I want, so I have started to design what would be my perfect music system. It's probably going to be very opinionated, but hopefully will work the way I want it to.