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browsing without javascript

I use the internet without javascript.

Sometimes it means that loading pages is slower. Sometimes it means that pages don't load at all. Most of the time this doesn't bother me as I don't really have an interest in what someone who insists I need Javascript enabled to render plain text thinks.

Sometimes I can get around these websites by reading their feeds, although once again the things they say don't usually interest me.

Some sites think my behaviour is suspicious and make me do a CAPTCHA. The problem is, their CAPTCHAs require Javascript, so I'm locked out. I don't think this is a loss.

A lot of sites work fine. Sometimes little bits of functionality are broken, but that's how Javascript is meant to work. Progressive enhancement. The "general idea" is there, just not all the bells and whistles. I think this suits me.

Some pages load slower yes, but so many load faster. It does an even better job than an ad-blocker. Autoplaying videos, page-covering popups, those systems to stop me from reading more than three articles without signing in... all of these are gone now.

I have to turn Javascript on for some sites. My bank, for example. Maybe one day I'll be organised enough that I can just go to the physical bank in town, but for now the website is quite useful. I've also not found a particularly good non-web-based frontend to Mastodon et al - something good might turn up eventually but for now Pinafore is the best.

Anyway, it's surprising how much of the web still works without Javascript, and how pleasant it feels. Maybe it will be beneficial for you to try it too.