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show notes

A week's gone by, and I've written every day, which is nice.


I've been reading Circe by Madeline Miller. It's a novel discussing all the lore and backstory of Circe, the Greek witch goddess who's probably best know as the one who turned all of Oddyseus's soldiers into pigs. It's well written and an enjoyable read.


The BBC series The Capture finished this week. It followed Shaun, a British soldier and war criminal who was arrested on suspicion of kidnapping and murder. He insisted that the CCTV footage showing him attacking his victim was faked and naturally no one believes him until discrepancies with the official story start to show up. It turns out that it's not the average crime thriller, instead a story questioning the morality of multiple governments and their methods, and raises whether their actions should be considered wrong, or in the interests of the people.


I've pretty much exclusively listened to Milky Chance this week. They're enchanting, and one of the only bands I can work to without getting distracted. Their music is modest but draws me in anyway, and has a gorgeous distinctive sound.

If you happen to know of any similar artists, or stuff you think I'll like because I like Milky Chance, please let me know!


I finally went and sorted out my RSS feeds. I've been using QuiteRSS, but am considering going back to Elfeed - I love the search-oriented interface, and its river of news style is more appealing than sorting feeds by their sources.

Initially I had a couple of loose categories (including a few repetitions of essentially identical ones, music and songs, for example). I had a massive "personal blogs" section which as a category isn't particularly helpful as people have all sorts of personal blogs. Sorting the feeds more by content is much more beneficial than how they are written as it allows me to decide what I currently care about at any particular time.