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you automatically win

Imagine if you were playing a game, and someone just put down a card that said "you automatically win" and just like that they'd won the game. They hadn't put any effort in, but by the lucky of the draw they reaped the reward.

This game exists and it's called being a white guy. I know this because I am a white guy. I have first hand experience of having a good life and I am wholly convinced it is because I'm a white guy.

I like computers which is an area that has a lot of white guys in it. I also have friends who aren't white guys, and in situations where me and one of these friends is talking to someone about computers, I'm always assumed to have knowledge whereas they have to prove themselves and their knowledge. Almost every time, they have a greater knowledge than me.

I have long hair and occasionally get mistaken for a girl. As soon as whoever it is finds out that I'm a white guy, I get a fast pass. Life is easy.

People like to say we're making progress, but a drop in a bucket of water is progress. We need a much faster rate of change. If you're a white guy and notice that you're getting a fast pass (look carefully - I guarantee it's been happening so often that you don't even realise), call out that person and tell them that you're not god by default.

I'm automatically winning, and I'm sorry.