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boxing day

It's boxing day. I've decided to once again reconsider what I do and don't need in my life. As part of this I want to start writing more on this site.

I've reconsidered what I want to get out of writing here as well; as a result, the system I'm using has been redesigned.

What's the point? Fun, mostly.

I read something once about Emacs being like a place, and Vim a thing you access. Maybe that's true; there's definitely a difference in how it feels to use Vim and Emacs. And as much as I love Emacs, I'm going to have a change, see where it takes me.

On, there's a little program thing called feels which acts kind of like nerd tumblr. Taking a bit of inspiration from there, I'm reorganising how this site and everything works.

Each post's slug is now simply its date. This makes it slightly harder for me to remember a certain post, but I almost never need to do that anyway. I also can no longer really do two posts in a day, but I never did that so it's fine.

This system currently uses markdown as the markup language. This is totally not ideal (I don't like markdown) but the best there is at the moment, without me sorting out any better system.

With regards to posts, I want to write more, rather than more profound. Writing is something I find fun, and I don't like the emphasis on having to write useful stuff.

Another thing I want to try is listing posts in chronological order. That is, with the oldest posts at the top. It makes more sense for a journal thing, and helps to represent my journey (even if it does mean putting more of my worse writing in an easier to access position).

Whatever. See you in the new year.

ps - sorry about any repeats in your feed readers due to this, and also I'm sorry about some of the dates probably not matching up - I don't have an archive of my old posts (because I deleted it like the silly person I am) so just kind of guessed.