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I feel quite conflicted quite a lot of the time. I twitch a lot between trying to use my computer as a single device for doing everything digital, and trying to use a single-purpose device for each of these actions.

When pursuing the former, I wholeheartedly consider Emacs to be the best route to go, due to its integration within itself (although somewhat unfortunately not with the rest of the operating system). When pursuing the latter, however, I still struggle. How much should I use a computer at all?

Currently I'm on the second path, and I hope that I'll stay there. Computers lend themselves very well to some types of activities, in particular the ones which require a computer to be done, like email. For other things they can be useful - I'm thinking specifically of full text search of notes.

Exploring handwritten forms of notes for this is something I want to look into. Indexing has fascinated me for a while. To the end of taking these kind of notes I've started carrying a little notebook around with me. We'll see how it all goes.