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linkin park

I've been going through my music collection again. I need some more Linkin Park, because damn it's good.

Now that I've listened to more of what they've done, I feel quite guilty because I'd always just written them off as some rock trash I wouldn't like and that's entirely not the case.

It makes me wonder what else I'm missing because I cast it away with my snobbish preconceptions. Probably a lot of metal. In fact, I know this is the case because almost every time I listen to a metal song I find a song that I love. Normally I consider myself lucky to have found a diamond among the rough, but maybe I'm the rough and all the songs are diamonds.

This is sounding just as snobbish as when I don't listen to music, but it'd be nice to know whether it's worth listening to so much more music to find some good stuff, when there's so much good stuff within the genres I claim to like that I know I haven't found yet. It probably is.

In other news, I just ate a bag of M&M's. The apostrophe makes me smile. I sorted them by colour - there were 6 red ones. I ate them by colour - each colour does taste different.

Imagine if a blue M&M wanted to taste like an orange M&M. That'd be a situation.